Friday, April 2, 2010

Not So Hard

I really was worried about the reception I would get at the Three Birds Tavern when I attended their "Open Mic" night last night. It showed in my play and singing for the first three songs. Then, the guy who was handling the sound told me to move the microphone, because he couldn't really hear me sing.

Ah, just what I needed. I belted out "All Bow Down" by Chris Tomlin to a pleased audience of about eight. I was a bit surprised that Christian praise and worship would be so well received, but I decided to take advantage of it instead of worrying about it and hand out the Million Dollar Bills that I had brought for that purpose.

Afterwards, a man asked me if the four songs I played were originals. No, but then he explained why everyone was so genuinely thankful: He had never heard them before because he doesn't really go to church or listen to Christian music (duh, this is a bar), so it was fresh to him, and to everyone else who was there. Nice.

Well, if I'm not working next Thursday, I might return. I'm hoping for a larger crowd, but mostly I'm hoping to bring more tracts: I was only able to witness to one half of the restaurant because I was trying to save tracts for the bus ride home. I ended up running out anyway, well before I even got to the bus, but I passed up many opportunities in between and even on the way there. It's not like I don't have a bunch of silly-looking green bills at home, so I had no excuse. I'll try to overdo it next time, and we'll see how it goes. I gave out at least one hundred with about fifty opportunities knowingly passed up (and people wonder why I couldn't afford my tract habit before).

Thanks for praying. God bless.

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