Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Running out again

Okay, so after yesterday, I only had about 10 or so tracts left. I quickly ran out of them and had to preach. And preach, and preach.

I saw one of the people who encouraged me when I first started. That was kind of nice. I just wish that more people would preach.

Tonight, more of the same, more preaching. People respond predictably. Those who are really annoyed move away. Those who have earplugs put them in. Others just suffer or listen, depending on their inclination.

I tried a different approach tonight. Instead of standing at the end of the car, I tried to get in somewhat the middle. But not the real middle. There is a shorter section right beside the middle, and then a longer section toward the end. I stood facing the back, with a longer end behind me, and two short and one long in front. The purpose was so that I could reach the back of the train car and still get the people in the front.

A few people fled the area, but I got to the message across.

Then I handed the paper I was reading to the security guard that was standing on the platform. And tried to talk to someone one the way up, but he didn't want to listen. So I just preached. At him, and at any one who could hear me on my way home.

It was another good day!

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