Thursday, January 18, 2007

At last! A heckler! Well, of sorts...

Those of you who know about Ray Comfort's open-air preaching tips know that he always recommends getting a good heckler in order to draw a crowd. Well, I finally got one.

Remember yesterday I said that the security guard had said that people were complaining about me preaching and I should tone it down or she'd have to remove me? Well, tonight, I had a loud religious discussion with someone on the train, went through the Law with him, and left him with Jesus as the only Savior. No one complained. Why? Because two black men were arguing about religion. Nothing new or surprising. Nothing to complain about.

A lone black man telling you that you are going to Hell for your everyday sins--now, that can be a bit more offensive. Even though his message is the same whether he's talking to someone else or just preaching straight at you. Heh, whatever.

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