Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The best day so far.

More preaching. No tracts. But that's okay.

My atheist friend confided to me last night that she was wavering on whether or not to repent. Then tonight she said that she didn't know how. So I told her.

And didn't hear from her for an half hour.

And rejoiced when I did hear from her.

So happy. So happy.

So, anyway. Apparently, someone complained to the security guard that I was preaching at them. So she told me to tone it down else she have to kick me off the train. I didn't show her up, so she went on to the other car. And I kept preaching.

Then I handed the paper to a kid on the platform. At the bottom, I preached to the people who were waiting for the bus.

Then I preached a couple more times to no one in particular on my way home. Then I got the good news about Kate. The Lord is so good!

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