Friday, January 26, 2007

Early Bird

Today, I finally got out of the house on time. I was supposed to be getting to work by 8 AM. I have not been able to do that despite my best efforts. But today, my brother woke me up just in time for me to clean up and go. No time to iron, no time to eat. And I caught that earlier train.

These people are not used to me preaching at them in the morning. But I'll get them used to it. Not very receptive, but they may warm up. At least they are not having to hear it two and three times during the ride. Now that I am not reading it, I am somewhat more comfortable letting people just hear it once. Before, I was just reading repititiously as often as I could in between stops. Now I am just proclaiming it from memory, and I have dropped one word out of it, because it is so hard to say loudly (mercilessly). The effect is the same, though: get people to thinking about the Universal Truth.

Tonight, I caught a later train, but not for lack of effort to leave sooner. Didn't matter, different crowd, once again. I should have moved all the way to the back of the car and preached back there, too, because there really weren't that many people on. I have to work on being mobile. That way I can reach more people.

Still missing my tracts as I pass people in the streets. Can't preach to everyone.

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