Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Shocker

Oh, I had the most AMAZING time preaching this morning!!

First off, my morning regulars are expecting me to preach every morning now. One guy was standing up behind me as I was trying to decide whether to get up or not. Then as soon as I got up, he took the seat that I had. Right in the closest earshot of my preaching. Seems someone is enjoying himself too much. =P

Later, a cop got on the back of the train car that I was preaching in. I didn't worry about him, because I believe my speeches are protected by the First Amendment. So I preached on.

Then he came up to my end of the car. Now, I didn't know why he did that, so I was a bit scared, but I don't think anyone else in the train thought so. Because I asked him did he hear what I was saying from way back where he was. He said, "No, what were you saying?" So I proceeded to tell him about the Universal Truth. So I asked him the questions. He acknowledged his sins. And when I told him of the solution, he accepted it. I asked him if he had repented and put his trust in the Savior. He said, "Not in a long time. I need to." I didn't have time to correct his understanding of repentance, but I did tell him that I would pray for him. And he said, "Thanks, I need it."

Wow!! Is that awesome or what??