Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Real Hecklers

Well, about as real as they plan to get.

When I started on this journey towards Miami, I tried blanketing the trains I ride with tracts. But then I ran out of tracts. So I tried one on one. But many people didn't like to talk. So. Open air is my only outlet.

One of the people who rejected my personal approach has become one of my regular listeners on the train. So have a few people. Tonight, I got to see what two of them think.

I boarded the evening train while talking to a young man about the Gospel. We talked about sin, righteousness, and Judgment day. We talked about other religions. I told him that they have no way to cleanse us from our sins (which is true).

I said all this while I was standing up and he was sitting down, so I could get the other people's ears, too. After he disembarked, I preached from where I was standing, my usual spiel, of course. The guy who had rejected me was sitting behind me, and someone was sitting in front of him. I recognized him from some earlier preaching trips. Anyway, they started laughing at me for preaching. I kept preaching anyway.

Then a few kids got on. I wrestled with whether to talk to them or just preach. I felt that the rest of the people had perhaps heard enough, and I can't speak softly on the train anyway (the person in the next seat can't hear me). So I did go over and talk to two of them personally.

You know, I can't put into words, but I hate the way the black youth has been influenced by the racism of their parents. These two kids were more concerned about white people getting Justice than their own souls. I had to emphasize and re-emphasize, "Guys, God will punish all sins, these people will get what's coming to them, but He's gonna get you, too! Now what are you going to do about that?"

Then the first guy got off. He and his new-found buddy were laughing again. One of the kids I was talking to pointed their laughter out. I said, "I don't care! The truth doesn't change just because people laugh. Now what are you going to do about Judgment Day?" Finally, they listened. Well, one was listening. The other guy, the one who pointed out the laughter, was the one I was trying so hard to convince that he needs Jesus.

I did get to explain repentance (Proverbs 28:13), so I'm not too worried. I just pray that they will get saved.

Then I talked to a guy who was sitting in the next seat in front of me. We made small talk for a minute. Then I swung the conversation to the obvious: "So, do you ever think about the universal truth?"

"I do when you're here!" was his reply.

"Oh, really? So how often have you ridden with me?"

"About three or four times. I couldn't do what you do, man."

"I only do it because I have compassion for souls. I mean, people are going to Hell--150,000 people die everyday! I've got to do something! Have you repented and put your trust in the Savior?"

"Yeah, actually, I have."

"So why aren't you sharing your faith!?"

"Man, I just can't do what you do."

"If you had any compassion for souls you would! Dude, dude, go to and get you some Gospel tracts and start handing them out. Then go to so you can learn how to share your faith!"

I encourage anyone to do that. It's well worth it.

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