Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Opportunity Knocking

Last night, as I was going to bed, I fervently begged the Lord to do something about my cold, because I couldn't preach while I was on the train because my chest was so congested.

He came through.

Today, there were a lot of delays on the local train because of the bad weather. So, the train I was trying to catch was late. During my wait, I engaged another waiting patron in a spiritual conversation. Gave him the Gospel and everything. Then we boarded the train.

It was packed.

Did I already say that the Lord came through?

He did overtime!!! No, wait!! DOUBLE-TIME!!

I got clearance in my throat aplenty to preach at least once between every stop but two (my normal routine; I usually let two stops go by before I start preaching)!! Were people annoyed? Oh yes. Were people convicted? Eh, we'll see.

Some guy got so annoyed, he faked the security guard's voice checking proof of payment to try to get me to stop. After everyone fumbled for their tickets, I announced, "There's no security guard back there. I don't even know who did that." It was funny.

I think this guy noticed that I usually stop preaching when the security guards are around. This is a simple matter of courtesy. I don't want to interfere with their jobs (and thus give them a reason to remove me). But he must not have been on board during the time that I preached after the guard was done checking. Or when I preached to the Cop in front of everybody.

Oh well. I finished my sermon before I announced the hoax. It was still funny, though. Praying that that guy gets saved. Well, praying for all of those people, really.

On my way home, I did get to witness to two people from the IT department at my job. So please also include them in your prayers.

Guys, this isn't that hard. Just step out on faith. Let the Lord use you to snatch people from the fires of Hell. Do you really think that people should perish just because you're too afraid to tell them the truth?

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