Tuesday, February 20, 2007


You know, the Lord is good.

I said I was tired, yesterday, right? And so tired that I didn't get up to preach all the way to work? Well, the Lord gave me the best thing I could ask for: another chance.

Everyone on the train this morning had been on the train before and I had not witnessed to most of them. Including a lady who gets off at the very next station from me (while I am warming up)!

What was also nice is that a couple that was on the train this morning, was also on the train this evening. Now, I don't know if they understood everything I said (they were clearly from a foreign country and only spoke in their native tongue, but that may only mean that they were uncomfortable trying to speak English, not necessarily that they did not understand it), but I know that the man was listening intently during the morning commute (he kept moving his head to try to get around the woman that was sitting in front of him so that he could see me).

During the evening commute, a couple guys got off, one of the grumbling about how I was wasting my breath on foreigners who didn't understand what I was saying. (There were three Arabic youth on board as well, but there were four clearly American people in the front section and about two or three more in the second section of the front of the car.) I do believe those Arabic youths understood every word I said. You have to remember, they know enough to survive here. Many foreigners (for lack of a better term) are bilingual in their understanding, even if not in speech. So I am not daunted, and don't you be, either.

Now, there was a guy who kept saying, "I don't know" and "Yes" to everything I said in my 1-on-1 conversation with him prior to the preaching. I don't think he got it. I think the girl in front of us did, but I don't think he understood me at all. (Hindsight is 20/20, I should have gotten to know him a little better, I suppose.)

Now, one thing I do regret: I started to preach from the ground after I got off the train. And stopped short. I don't know why, except to say, "Fear of Man again!!!" Which, honestly, I don't know why I had it, no one was that menacing out there. I need a soap box!

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