Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Bloody Opinions

So I was going in later for work than I wanted to and complaining about it all morning long. So I want to publicly apologize to the Lord for questioning His timing.

Sorry, Lord. Once again, You showed me today that You always know best.

I got on the train, preaching a revised (once again) version of The Universal Truth (I'll update it later). At one stop, the cop I told you about on Feb 12th got on with two young Mormon missionaries. He greeted me, and asked me if he had seen me down by the Mardi Gras. I told him that I had been on the train but I had not been any closer than that (although, now that I think about it, he was probably talking about Tuesday, but I was talking about Saturday). He joked that he believed me, but maybe the Mormons didn't. I just laughed, "I don't care: I was doing the same thing then that I'm doing now," and proceeded to preach.

He stopped me as I got to the Commandments, saying that people didn't want to hear it. I tried to remind him that I was covered by the First Amendment (which I am), but he mentioned a movie theater as an example. I corrected him: "This is public transportation." He said, "Just keep your voice down." And then he got off the train.

Hahahahahahaha!!! Whoo!!!

So I kept right on preaching--with the encouragement of the Mormons. Which concerned me at first, that I might be aligned with them. But I think I upstaged them entirely. When they got off the train, they looked completely disheartened. I made a point of saying that God became man in Jesus Christ, which is something they do not believe. Mormons believe that Jesus is the ontological son of God, which God they believe had sex with Mary, which idea is contrary to the Bible. Jesus is God, not another created being like we are, and God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, doesn't need to have sex with anyone to make a human being. Mary was already suitably equipped to bear children, she only needed the baby to begin.

But, anyway, after the police officer got off the train, and I started preaching again, there was a British lady who did not like what I was saying. She told me, "You need to keep your bloody opinions to yourself. Everyone's got their opinions."

I replied, "Ma'am, everyone has their opinions, but those opinions do not count on Judgment Day." She said a little more, but I didn't care. Some lady got off and said that she was just happy to continue with her wicca. I suppose it riled me, but I was only thinking, "My hands are clean from your blood. See where wicca gets you on Judgment Day." I have to remember to pray for these people. They have been blinded by Satan's lies. Though it may be by choice, because they love wickedness, it still will be no consolation for me if they end up in Hell.

And I kept on preaching. The young man sitting beside her was pleading my case. Whether or not he agreed with what I was saying, he acknowledged my right to say it. Christian, don't be afraid to speak the truth in a public place! The open place is the BEST PLACE for you to speak God's truth!! Don't hide it under a bushel!

Towards the end of the trip, a young man came down and encouraged me to keep speaking the Word, spreading the truth, etc. I know he did it just to spite her. So I turned on him: " Hey, man, if you know the truth, you need to be telling somebody. 150,000 people die every day. If you care anything about them, you will tell them how not to go to Hell." I think he got the point, but I don't think he was ready to repent. He was just looking for a white lady to pick on. Sadly.

Oh, Oh!! One last thing! Between the next to last stop and my stop there is not much time at all, certainly not time to preach the entire spiel. But there was this one guy who got on at that next to last stop, and I couldn't let him not hear the Gospel. So I walked quickly up to the front of the car, ran him through the good person test (the Law portion of my speech), and then told him the Good news. He thanked me.

See?? You can do this!!! Let's Go!!!

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