Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Talk about love!

No fan fare on the train this morning. I recognized the woman who said that she would rather continue in wicca last week (she was on the front row, hehehe; her first time hearing about the Scientific Proofs; don't think she enjoyed it too much), but no security guard joined the party. In fact, the security guard who was in the back of the train when I boarded, shook her head and walked away before I could begin preaching! She had been beside me when I had preached once before, so I knew she wouldn't stop me. I don't think she wanted to hear it herself, and I think she might also go to church. But she does know my First Amendment right to preach, unlike the other guy, so things should be cool.

The title of today's post comes from the fact that I have been unable to attend a Tuesday night men's Bible study for about a month now. The other guys who drive live on the other side of the Missouri River, about 30 miles from me in a place called St. Peters, so I wasn't planning to attend for quite some time, because my car is broken (and probably won't get fixed, either). Well, wouldn't you know it? One of them calls me today to ask me if my car is back in shape and where I live. He picked me up for the Bible study and dropped me off back home, even though I am waaaaaaaaaaay out of his way. Praise the Lord for friends like that!

By the way, I am printing my own tracts now, using the new sermon while I wait for my tracts to come in from Living Waters Publications. So, instead of preaching morning and evening, I only preach in the mornings. I have time to tear my tracts (I am printing two to a sheet or 8 1/2 by 11; may try to change that to three per sheet) during the day, and then distribute them by night. This spares my feet, which were KILLING me over the weekend, and it also spares my voice. I am also now able to reach people that are headed the opposite direction or who are boarding the other train, or who arrive while I wait for my train. (For some odd reason, I have not tried preaching from the platform.)

Hey, you can use the New Train Sermon in your own evangelism, on two conditions: you believe it, and you use it in its entirety. Otherwise, make your own!

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