Monday, February 26, 2007

Tried Out That New Sermon...

(You can see it here) and I got quite a reaction. I think people don't mind your religion too much as long as you don't start attacking their gods. Well, science is today's generation's god, and I went right after it.

Some people were showing signs of annoyance as I repeated the Scientific Proofs, not having enough time between stops to get to the Universal Truth. One guy asked me if I was practicing for a debate. I smiled, "Sure! Why not? Though, the debate happens more in people's minds."

When the security guard came through checking tickets, one guy asked, "Can you shut him up!?" And some of the othe passengers agreed.

So the guard asked me nicely, "You causing a ruckus over here, partner?" I said, "I'm just reading this" and gave him the sermon. He looked at it quickly, and, realizing what he was up against, said, "That's okay. Look, just read it to yourself, all right?" When I looked at him sideways, "Please?" with a look of desparation.

I let him off the hook. And he got off at the very next stop.


The one guy who had asked me the debate question got up during the announcement for the next stop afterwards (during which I usually don't preach because of the confusion) to tell me that I needed to understand more about modern science. The "we know better than that now" game doesn't faze me. The problem is, as I told him, that science didn't know these things for centuries after the Bible clearly stated them! If people had listened to the Bible back then, they would never have made these errors.

His argument was that the Bible is not very clear when it speaks. You tell me what other conclusion one could come to by reading those verses!! The most vague may actually be Isaiah 40:22 about the earth being round! Ha! How can you misread that!

I told him, "No, 'The life of the flesh is in the blood' is about as clear as you can get!"

"Well, it's about the only thing the Bible is clear about."

"No! The Bible is also clear that 'all liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire' and no thief, no murderer, and no adulterer can enter Heaven."

"Well, if you spent as much time studying modern science, as you did the Bible--"

I don't remember what I said at this point. I hope I said, "I would be 3000 years behind the times! Thank you!" But I doubt it.

Oh the joy of destroying idols! May people be freed from this mind-numbing garbage that is evolution! And trust the Word of God for what it clearly says!

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