Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, okay

Apparently, I am not eating properly, while I was preaching on Monday, after the complaining guy had deboarded, I felt weak, and had to sit down before I fell. Twisted my knee a bit getting to a seat, too.

Felt faint all morning long. My coworkers asked me if I had eaten breakfast, which I never do, because I don't have time, because I get up so late, and they told me to eat something so I didn't faint. I did. I recovered by noon.

Next day, same story, only I didn't get as weak while on board the train. Wasn't too bad off during the day, and I recovered before noon.

Today, I had not recovered by noon, and I had eaten my lunch already. So I went home early. It will caost me in dollars, but the privilege of distributing the tracts was too great for me to fuss about.

I did go to the "three to a page" format. It works just fine (though the printer continually jams while printing on the reverse). So I was tearing the tracts as I waited for my train and handed out a few, including one to a guy who is legally disabled, but clearly able-minded and able-bodied, whom I saw on the train on Mardi Gras Saturday, but who couldn't hear me over the noise he himself was making. I rebuked him for his laziness when he asked me for money (which I didn't have in my pocket to give to him, anyway), and he tried to say that he was getting money. I said, "Obviously, it's not enough, so that means you need a job!" I hate the system that has made people dependent and poor.

Yesterday, while I was on my way home, I saw one of the beggars who abuses God's Word to gain sympathy from passersby. He tried to tell me that Jesus was kind to the beggars. Well, He was--He healed them!! They weren't beggars after that! Able bodied men either worked or were wealthy enough to pay other people to work for them, in those days. Only those who did not have the ability to work did not work. This guy was breaking all the rules. I reminded him that Paul said that those who do not work should not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:8-12; and please note that this only applies to those who are physically capable of work; which, these days, includes far more people than ever before). Well, he was glad to reach his stop.

So, back to today, I blanketed the front car of the train. As new people got on board, I tore off some more tracts and handed them out. Only a few people refused, and they all got to see what it was they were refusing. One lady, a bus driver, refused at first, until all of her friends accepted on, then she read it along with one of them. A security guard also got one and was reading it. She didn't bother me about distributing them at all. (I do know her from when she comes down to relieve the security guard for lunch at the office building I work in.) My only sadness is that I cannot be in two places at once.

Heh, come to think about it, I also handed two out this morning to a bus driver (whom I used to know when he was a police officer; he retired) and a former police officer who is now a security supervisor. The latter handed it back to me after reading it, was very impressed, and got the name and number of my pastor from me. (He lives in the area where we now meet.) I also told a lady on the train about my church, after she stopped me to ask me. A young man even asked for a second one so he could give one to his friend.

Tracts work, people. Use them!

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