Thursday, March 1, 2007

Absolutely Pumped!!!

Now, today! I have had the BEST train-preaching experience!

Remember that lady who said that she would stick with her wicca? The one who was sitting in front of me on Tuesday? Well, her friend was with her today, and they were sitting a few rows away from the end, about where they were sitting last week when the British lady told me to keep my "bloody opinions" to myself.

When I first boarded, I was tearing off my tracts, so I sat down for a bit, and then I stood and waited for an opening. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone motioning at me. It was the wicca lady's friend! She said, "Are you ready? We're ready, whenever you're ready." Hah! So I started my sermon a little earlier than I wanted to (before the doors closed), but it was okay because it moved me past the preliminaries rather quickly and the meaty part was the part that most people heard first.

When I finished, the wicca lady started giving me pointers: "You need to make eye-contact with the people, connect with your audience...ask any have a lot of passion, which is good; now make that connection..." I was stunned. I thought, Surely this is not the same lady who swore that she would remain a wicca last week.

A man sitting in front of me said, "That sounds like Way of the Master!" I affirmed his belief. "Good stuff."

The wicca lady continued with her pointers. He said, "Maybe she wants to come up and preach."

I said, "Sure. Ma'am, you want to come on up?"

She shook her head, "You don't want me to share my beliefs."

I said, "Oh, that's right, you're into wicca, aren't you? Well, what does wicca teach you about the afterlife?" She shook her head. "Well, what does wicca teach you about science?" Again she shook her head. I said, "Look, you don't want to be wrong about the afterlife. Because once you get on the other side, there is no coming back to this side."

"What if I come back as a cat?"

"Ma'am, is that what your belief tells you? And if you are wrong, then what? You don't want to be wrong, because you cannot change the past. Once you get to that point, there is no coming back to change your decisions. Is the source of the information you have trustworthy?" And, of course, I went on to prove that the Bible is.

With the help of the man in front of me. He kept feeding me point after point with which to prove the Bible trustworthy. I talked about translational issues, textual criticism, manuscript descrepancies (the ones that exist are irrelevant: for instance, there is one in Isaiah in which the spelling of the word for light has changed--once in about 2000 years), medical instructions, etc. I pleaded with people not to die in their sins, and one guy rolled his eyes.

So I gave him the pizza illustration. (I'll put in on my Random blog in a minute). He listened throughout. I think it made sense to him. The bicyclist who pleaded my case with the British lady last week thanked me and deboarded.

The man in front of me asked for my name and promised to pray for me as he got off. He was very encouraging even after the crowd dissipated (as everyone got off at their various stops). There was a young man who only got in on the last part of the conversation, he did take a tract.

So I was elated--absolutely pumped!!--when I got to work this morning!

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Travis said...

Awesome! I really love this post... I have a lot of experience with Pagans and posts like this remind me to stay positive!!