Friday, April 20, 2007

I just love AIM

(For those of you who don't know, AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger. It's basically a telephone for your hands: You type a message to a particular person, called a "buddy," and they respond by doing the same from their computer. You can talk to as many people at once as you want to--both an upside and a downside, as you can imagine. I have changed his "buddy" name, but not mine, because I don't mind random IM buddies. If I do get sick of you, I will block you, simple as that. Enjoy the convo!)

NT96 (10:10:59 PM): hi who is this?
NT96 (10:11:10 PM): u just poped up on my screen
follyofjsb2 (10:13:26 PM): I don't know how I did. My name is Joshua.
NT96 (10:11:45 PM): idk joshua ho?
NT96 (10:11:47 PM): who
follyofjsb2 (10:13:59 PM): Joshua Black. I live in St.Louis, Mo.
NT96 (10:12:06 PM): o
NT96 (10:12:19 PM): i have no idea how u got on my buddylist
NT96 (10:12:26 PM): its just poped up
NT96 (10:12:33 PM): im sry if i bothered u
NT96 (10:12:37 PM): how old are u/
NT96 (10:12:39 PM): ?
follyofjsb2 (10:14:43 PM): Oh, you haven't bothered me. I'm 24. You?
NT96 (10:12:50 PM): 11
follyofjsb2 (10:14:54 PM): O_O
NT96 (10:13:12 PM): u have a gay aim page look at mie
NT96 (10:13:15 PM): mine
follyofjsb2 (10:15:23 PM): Gay?
NT96 (10:13:36 PM): u dont know wut that means
NT96 (10:14:06 PM): ur profile is gay there is notin on it
follyofjsb2 (10:16:05 PM): Well, there are three definitions that I know of. Which one are you using?
follyofjsb2 (10:16:34 PM): There is nothing in my aim page?
NT96 (10:14:42 PM): the one that means lik stupid even though that isnt 1 but its just gay as in i mean dumb
NT96 (10:14:43 PM): yea
NT96 (10:14:47 PM): look at mine
NT96 (10:14:55 PM): mine is kool
NT96 (10:15:00 PM): sort of
NT96 (10:15:05 PM): and leave a comment
follyofjsb2 (10:17:11 PM): Oh. Well, I'm not too big on decking stuff out.
follyofjsb2 (10:17:16 PM): I do more talking than anything else.
NT96 (10:15:23 PM): lol
follyofjsb2 (10:17:28 PM): Hae you taken the Good Person Test yet?
follyofjsb2 (10:17:32 PM): Have*
NT96 (10:15:43 PM): no wut is tat\
follyofjsb2 (10:17:57 PM): Three questions to see if you are a good person. Ready?
NT96 (10:16:04 PM): ok
follyofjsb2 (10:18:13 PM): Question #1: Have you ever told a lie?
NT96 (10:16:22 PM): yes
follyofjsb2 (10:18:27 PM): What does that make you if you tell a lie?
NT96 (10:16:52 PM): a liar and im sry tat i did that
follyofjsb2 (10:18:56 PM): Okay. Question #2: Have you ever stolen anything?
NT96 (10:17:15 PM): NO
follyofjsb2 (10:19:26 PM): Now you just admitted to being a liar--how can I believe you?
NT96 (10:17:40 PM): ok i really didnt
follyofjsb2 (10:19:48 PM): Not even candy?
follyofjsb2 (10:19:52 PM): from your parents?
NT96 (10:18:09 PM): no im allergic to candy and i hate it anyway
follyofjsb2 (10:20:14 PM): Oh, okay. Question #3 Have you ever hated anyone?
NT96 (10:18:30 PM): ya
follyofjsb2 (10:20:37 PM): What does that make you if you hate someone?
NT96 (10:18:51 PM): uhhh idk
follyofjsb2 (10:21:00 PM): The Bible says that you are a murderer.
NT96 (10:19:10 PM): ok
follyofjsb2 (10:21:23 PM): "Whoever hates his brother is a murderer..." (1 John 3:15).
follyofjsb2 (10:22:13 PM): So, here's the point of the Good Person Test: If we stand before God on Judgment Day as liars, theives and murderers at heart, How will He deal with us?
NT96 (10:20:34 PM): idk!
follyofjsb2 (10:23:01 PM): Revelation 21:8 says, "...and all liars shall have their part in the Lake of Fire."
follyofjsb2 (10:23:28 PM): 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says that no thief will make it into heaven.
NT96 (10:22:00 PM): ok did u memorize the bible cause ur starin to scare me
follyofjsb2 (10:24:16 PM): 1 John 3:15 says, "Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and we know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him."
NT96 (10:22:34 PM): what the [bad word] does this mean
follyofjsb2 (10:24:42 PM): No, I did not memorize the whole Bible, but you should be afraid.
NT96 (10:22:55 PM): dude ur crazy
follyofjsb2 (10:24:59 PM): No, I'm not.
NT96 (10:23:05 PM): im not afraid
follyofjsb2 (10:25:05 PM): You know that these things are wrong.
follyofjsb2 (10:25:14 PM): And God would be right to punish you for them.
NT96 (10:23:28 PM): shut up ur crazy!
follyofjsb2 (10:25:35 PM): No, you need to repent.
NT96 (10:24:07 PM): dude idc if i go to hell for this shut the ---- up and leave me alone
follyofjsb2 (10:26:16 PM): "He who covers up his sins shall not fare too well. But whoever admits to and leaves behind his wrong doings shall have mercy from God.
follyofjsb2 (10:26:29 PM): That's Proverbs 28:13.
follyofjsb2 (10:26:41 PM): And if you didn't care that you would go to Hell, you would not be cursing.
NT96 (10:25:08 PM): holy ---- stop talkin bout god and all of that ----
NT96 (10:25:16 PM): it makes no sense
follyofjsb2 (10:27:19 PM): No. It is most important.
NT96 (10:25:24 PM): i dont believe in god
follyofjsb2 (10:27:35 PM): If you die in your sins, the God you don't believe in will still punish you.
NT96 (10:26:22 PM): IDC if he rapes me and all that bad stuff u r crazy and weird r u even married?
follyofjsb2 (10:28:52 PM): No, I am not married, and God won't rape you, He'll send you to Hell. You don't want that to happen--trust me.
NT96 (10:27:35 PM): ur prob a nerd who is a virgin amm i right? dont be afraid to tell the truth cause if u dont got will punish u u even sai dit ur self
NT96 (10:27:50 PM): god*
follyofjsb2 (10:30:02 PM): Hahaha, I am not afraid to admit that I am a virgin. Why should I be?
NT96 (10:28:13 PM): r u a virgin
follyofjsb2 (10:30:15 PM): Yes
NT96 (10:28:19 PM): wow
follyofjsb2 (10:30:22 PM): 24
NT96 (10:28:28 PM): and ur point [?]
follyofjsb2 (10:30:43 PM): God enabled me to be a virgin this long.
follyofjsb2 (10:30:50 PM): And I'm grateful.
NT96 (10:29:15 PM): wow stop ntalkin bout god its getin really annoying
NT96 (10:29:24 PM): do u have any friends?
follyofjsb2 (10:31:29 PM): yeah. But we all talk about God.
NT96 (10:29:39 PM): r u kiddin me!
follyofjsb2 (10:31:40 PM): No.
follyofjsb2 (10:31:46 PM): If they don't bring it up, i do.
NT96 (10:29:51 PM): wow u have no life
follyofjsb2 (10:31:55 PM): Excuse me?
follyofjsb2 (10:32:03 PM): What are you wasting your life pursuing?
follyofjsb2 (10:32:27 PM): Things of this world will pass away--only God's gifts are eternal.
NT96 (10:30:44 PM): go find a girl u really like and be happy and tell her all the boring satuff u just told me all of this ----
follyofjsb2 (10:32:50 PM): I did.
NT96 (10:30:59 PM): so u have a gf'
follyofjsb2 (10:33:00 PM): No.
NT96 (10:31:09 PM): is tat y she dumped u
follyofjsb2 (10:33:18 PM): Ha, I've never had a gf.
NT96 (10:31:30 PM): u told her bout god then bored her to death
NT96 (10:31:33 PM): wow dude
NT96 (10:31:44 PM): wake up and smell the coffee
follyofjsb2 (10:33:51 PM): Of what? Having a gf is a waste of time.
NT96 (10:32:04 PM): dont u ever wish to have a family
follyofjsb2 (10:34:14 PM): Yeah, but I don't need a gf to do that.
NT96 (10:32:21 PM): and tell ur kids all the boring ---- u just told me follyofjsb2 (10:34:33 PM): Boring? You got pretty excited there.
NT96 (10:32:42 PM): NO
NT96 (10:32:46 PM): r u kiddin me
follyofjsb2 (10:35:04 PM): You're getting rather hot under the collar. Boring things don'tmake people so angry.
NT96 (10:33:31 PM): holy ---- stop talkin in gods words
follyofjsb2 (10:35:58 PM): No. They are the most important words to know.
follyofjsb2 (10:36:08 PM): Repent. Do you know what that means/
NT96 went away at 10:36:09 PM.
NT96 returned at 10:36:14 PM.
NT96 (10:34:16 PM): idc
NT96 (10:34:27 PM): and reads my away message
NT96 went away at 10:36:28 PM.
follyofjsb2 (10:36:53 PM): This message is being sent so that I can read your away message.

Auto Response from NT96 (10:34:55 PM): GOD IS NOT REAL

follyofjsb2 (10:37:11 PM): Hahaha! Did you make that one yourself?

Auto Response from NT96 (10:35:13 PM): GOD IS NOT REAL

NT96 returned at 10:37:18 PM.
follyofjsb2 (10:37:24 PM): That is the biggest lie there is.
follyofjsb2 (10:37:35 PM): Anyone who believes that is a fool.
NT96 (10:35:40 PM): no ur friend god made it who do u think made it
NT96 (10:35:55 PM): dude u know notin bout the real world
follyofjsb2 (10:38:09 PM): Hah! You're only 11--I'm 24 I live in the real world everyday.
NT96 (10:36:32 PM): go get a life dude ur a low life and make friends who talk bout more stuff then god
follyofjsb2 (10:38:37 PM): I go to work, I pay bills, I used to drive a car, etc.
follyofjsb2 (10:38:52 PM): I know plenty about life. You're the one that knows nothing.
follyofjsb2 (10:39:47 PM): Only two things are eternal: the Word of God and the souls of men. The junk you're chasing will be snatched from you by the unbreakable jaws of death.
follyofjsb2 (10:40:00 PM): You need to wake up before it's too late.
NT96 (10:38:15 PM): ik god is important but take a brake go explore trust me can u do that? and see how it feels cause i know wut the real life is every day and u dont get to live it for a long time just have a life
follyofjsb2 (10:40:41 PM): Dude. I have a real life. I don't know what you are talking about.
follyofjsb2 (10:40:51 PM): Maybe when you grow up, you'll understand.
NT96 (10:39:28 PM): even though god is important but take gods words and make friends and enemies live a drean jesus said
NT96 (10:39:42 PM): i know some stuff bout all tat stuff
follyofjsb2 (10:41:50 PM): You don't know what Jesus said, because He didn't say that.
NT96 (10:40:03 PM): ya he did u retard
NT96 (10:40:14 PM): i even read it in the bible
follyofjsb2 (10:42:15 PM): No, he didn't--you obviously don't read the Bible.
NT96 (10:40:26 PM): it is ok to have enemies but better to have friends
follyofjsb2 (10:42:30 PM): Go get one and find that verse.
follyofjsb2 (10:42:39 PM): Because I guarantee you it's not in there.
NT96 (10:40:56 PM): u know wut u can stick the bible right up ur a**
NT96 (10:41:04 PM): LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
follyofjsb2 (10:43:05 PM): Hah. I don't have an ass.
follyofjsb2 (10:43:15 PM): And I didn't bother you--you contacted me first.
NT96 (10:41:17 PM): wow ur funny
NT96 (10:41:44 PM): how do u not have an ass did god forget to give u a brain
NT96 (10:41:56 PM): or u just blind
follyofjsb2 (10:44:47 PM): You need to repent. Sin will drag you to Hell. But that's not God's will for you. He sent Jesus to take your punishment so that God can give you eternal life instead. If you turn away from your sins, then God will forgive you of all of your sins, and you won't go to Hell.
NT96 signed off at 10:46:08 PM.NT96 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

(Actually, he blocked me, but that's okay. Pray for him anyway, that his eyes may be opened to see the truth. Good night.)

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