Friday, April 20, 2007

Well, I asked for boldness!

Well, I just got very bold with some young men on my way home. After giving them the GPT, one of them started lusting about the driver of the train. I rebuked him for it, telling him that lusting was a sin. He mentioned that he had a girlfriend, so he wasn't lusting. (ha)

So I asked him if he was committing fornication with her. He didn't know what the word meant.

So I asked him if he was having sex with his girlfriend. He said, "Yeah!"

I told him that that was a sin and he would have to give it up.

He turned to one of his buddies and said, "Man, we can't [have sex] any more." Awkward moment. "No, I meant with our gfs, not us two!"

Then they asked if I was a virgin. I am. They were shocked. The first one asked, "Why?" I said, "Because fornication is a sin!" He said, "But you just ask for forgiveness!" Wrong!! "That's not the way repentance works."

The sad part is, they said they would rather continue in sin than go to Heaven. I pray God that Josh, DeShawn, and the first guy would change their minds (I don't know what his name is, I forgot it.)

I missed my stop talking to them, but I don't regret it. I boarded the other train that was headed back my way and just walked right up to a guy sitting down and asked him if he had taken the GPT. He said he hadn't, I sat down and gave it to him. He thought that God was a woman. I showed him the absurdity of that:

But wouldn't the God in charge have made sure that He was represented properly in His Word? "But women were deemed subservient back then." But God would be powerful enough to over rule that and make sure that His Word had it right, even if we disobeyed it. He disagreed, but he had to admit that I made sense.

I gave him the Gospel, but it seemed like he was ready to fight about whether Jesus was needed or not. I told him that forgiveness is not possible without Jesus' death and resurrection, and he said, "That's debatable." *is furious*

It was my stop, and I was glad to leave him to his own thoughts. That was the second time someone on the train had told me that God didn't have to sacrifice Jesus for our sins. I didn't know people actually believed that crap. I'll be prepared next time.

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