Saturday, April 14, 2007

Keep on talking

When I was at the bank today, I had a burning feeling to witness to the girl standing at the counter who was also filling out the paperwork for depositing funds (deposit slips, in other words). But I didn't have an opening. We did make small talk at the stand, but she got to the counter first and would clearly be done before I was.

So I prayed.

Then, while I was waiting for my teller, I saw the insides of her purse's straps, which had some interesting lines that I couldn't read. Perfect conversation starter!!!

As she turned to leave, I asked, "What does that say?" and she told me about the Andy Wohl (I think that's how you spell his name) exhibit in town. Then, as she turned to leave, I (desparately) asked her, "Have you ever heard of the Good Person Test?"

She said that she hadn't. "It's a three question test to see if you are a good person. Ready?" And then I had to turn around to get my money. This girl was trying to leave, so I didn't even take my normal precautions to secure my money, and I forgot about my umbrella, which was still by the stand, because I had not brought it with me to the counter.

So I walked her to her car and explain the Gospel. Her name is Jill, please pray for her.

Then, as I walked home, I passed by this shop that I have prayed for before (I'm always praying to witness to people), and one of the employees came out to smoke a cigarrette--in short sleeves!! It was 37 degrees F and misting rain!! So I asked him about it, he said he was tired, so the cold was waking him up.

So I asked him if he had ever taken the Good Person Test, he hadn't, and I got to explain to him the glorious Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. He does go to a church, but that doesn't mean that he is saved. His name is Jacob, please pray for him.

Then in the grocery store, I was in line, and some kids were playing around while their mothers (they had different mothers) were trying to unload the cart and cash out. The boy tried to add some candy to the cart, and the girl's mom caught it right away (why do kids even try?) and the children started to "fight" about it. I told them to stop (nicely) and then asked them about the Good Person Test.

At one point I think I scared the girl, because she tried to say that because she no longer hated anyone, she was not guilty of murder. I said, "But judge, I know I shot this person and he's dead now, but I don't hate him anymore." Bad timing. Wrong audience. She ran to her mother. I had to assure her that I had never done that in real life--it was just an illustration!

In the end, they even figured out who my employer is, because apparently all the bus drivers look like me (hahaha), and they got no end of exhortations to repent. Please pray for them and their mommas, I did not get names.

God bless you all, have a good night.

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