Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Never Lose Hope

Do you remember that I wrote a couple of months back about a wiccan who didn't want to talk after taking the Good Person Test? (Maybe, maybe not.) It was a very discouraging experience, and I wrote him off as a failure in my attempt.

Well, I saw him this evening, when I was getting done with my business at the bank and waiting for the train at the Convention Center Station. He came down after finishing his work and had on a rather intriguing shirt. So I, not recognizing him, asked him about it, and thus began a rather pleasant conversation.

He must have been in a much better mood this time, because I asked him about the Good Person Test, which he remembered me giving to him, and he didn't bristle too much. He even gave me more information about the wiccan religion ("Do what you will, only no harm to anyone." or something like that). I was able to draw the difference between wicca and Christianity and share the Gospel at the same time (God be praised--I was thinking I would not find the words!)

But one thing he would not consider was that someone could be wrong.

He told me that I wasn't wrong and he wasn't wrong, either. Which can't be, when we teach complete opposites about the same thing. Even basic things like communication could not be possible unless somethings were right and others wrong. For someone to contradict my thesis on this subject is to prove my very point.

As he left the train, I told him, "The earth is round whether people believe it or not." Our minds do not create reality, our beliefs about the afterlife do not make the Bible's description any less true. People need to wake up to the most verified book of antiquity and heed it's message of repentance before it is too late.

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