Thursday, May 24, 2007

Say What?

As I was getting to the bottom of the steps of the train station near my apartment, I saw a young man sitting there, waiting for something. I had just gotten through with a rather entertaining discussion of the Good Person Test, the Gospel, and the Ten Commandments with two drunk young Cardinal fans, so I was on a roll. So, to begin the conversation, I asked him what bus he was waiting for. He said he was waiting for a ride. I asked him if he had taken the Good Person Test. He said that he had talked to me yesterday. I asked him if he had repented, was turned away from sin toward God, was reading his Bible. He said yes to all three. I asked him his name and told him I'd be praying for him (name is Armond).

I didn't even realize what he had just said to me until I started up the hill. First of all, I couldn't remember talking to him. Then I couldn't believe that he had just said that he had repented. But then the Lord reminded me of the conversation I had with three young people on the platform of the Union Station, waiting for the next batch of Cardinals fans. There were two talkative girls and a silent male friend. I had a good conversation with them, and handed all of them Save Yourself Some Pain. I had seen the conviction on their faces, but we know how often that just fizzles. Apparently, not this time.

Wow. I'm still not believing what I just heard. It really does work.

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