Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Well, last week, I was handing out tracts at work, mainly million dollar bills, but also Everything Man Has Learned about Woman and some What If? cards. They went over very well. My immediate supervisor was concerned that some people (especially patrons) might be offended and gave me "the talk" last week. I assured her that I would not offend anyone, as I have already scoped out the place for overly-sensitive people, and I didn't approach too many patrons, either.

Well, this week, I have been having people ask for more of the Million Dollar Bills (MDBs)! Tedy came up to me today, Mona came up to me today, and I know others have asked about them. A friend ordered some tracts for me over the weekend, so I told them that I would have them for them tomorrow, planning to pick them up this evening when I got off work. What I didn't know was that that shipment isn't due until tomorrow or Friday.

But I also didn't know that a couple of my other Seed Sower friends had sent over a box full of tracts for me over the weekend from their own stash! It did arrive today!! I got to hand out the Billion Dollar Bill to about fifty different people on my way home, both on the train, on the platform, and on the bus! It was awesome!!

While I was picking up the tracts from my brother's mailbox, I gave the Good Person
Test to the girl behind the counter. She said that she is a Lutheran attending a Jesuit school, but I told her that I didn't care about that. Jesus said, "Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish," and she had admitted that she had not yet repented. I pleaded with her, urged her to get right with God tonight, because she doesn't know when she will breathe her last. I prayed with her, and she seemed to appreciate it very much. Her name is Erica, please pray for her salvation.

On the way home, I also talked to a young black man on the train. He rejected a Billion Dollar Bill, but I gave him the Good Person Test instead (by being polite when he refused). One guy sitting in front of me turned around and told me that he didn't think it was polite to proselytize on the train. I acknowledged his comment, and otherwise ignored him. The guy I was actually talking to dismissed the man's comments as well. We continued.

The young man had a beef with all the different denominations and the way they put their spin on things. I told him that no matter what any denomination says, breaking the Ten Commandments will put us in the Wrath of a Holy God on Judgment Day. The last thing I told him what Matthew 7:21-23. If you haven't read it, please do. Just click here.

Then I deboarded the train, handed off a couple of tracts, and then tried to talk to a woman about the "money" that I had given her. She said that she was already in Heaven as one of the chosen ones. I didn't know what that meant, and didn't want to argue with her, so I walked away. Then I saw a young man standing back on the other side of the street I had just crossed. The Lord smote my heart, and I went back and gave him one, too. As I did, the bus was coming, so I gave it to him and then caught the bus.

I stumbled as I boarded the bus, and the driver and the passenger in the front seat made fun of me a bit. That was okay. At least now they noticed me. So I gave them each a Billion, and then proceeded to give one to everyone on the bus. It was very cool. Then I got off at my stop--and the bus driver had the bus "kneel" to let me off (a feature generally reserved for elderly patrons who have a hard time stepping up or down. Yep, you guessed it: she was still making fun of me!).

But what a good night to be made fun of!!

Also, on my way home from work, I talked to a guy named Dan, who is a unbelieving Catholic, and a woman named Stephanie, who claims to be a believer but hasn't read her Bible in a while. And when I was on my way back to pick the tracts up, I talked to another lady (whose name I have forgotten, unfortunately, but the Lord knows who she is) about the Good Person Test, but she didn't really want to hear the Gospel. She's also got a couple of sons, so if you would be praying for their salvation, too. Thank you, and have a great night.

Oh! I only got to talk to one guy this morning on my way in. He seemed to be thinking very deeply, please pray for him, too. Okay, now this post is really over. =P

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