Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A P.S. to the last post

As I was finishing the previous post (and running out of battery life on my new laptop), a young man drove up to the Panera Bread asking for directions. I didn't know what place he was talking about, but Google maps did! So he got out of his car to get directions and noticed that he had taken a completely wrong turn. He was bummed, thinking that he had wasted his time.

I assured him that that wasn't the case and then proceeded to witness to him. When faced with his guilt before God, Flavio told me that he believed in Karma. I simply told him that it doesn't exist:

"It's certainly a comfortable idea, because you get a second chance, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, but the Bible says that 'it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that the Judgment.' Besides, if you are wrong about Karma, there is no way for you to get back and change things!"

He had to agree with that. We parted ways cordially, and I was amazed at the goodness of God.

I had sat down to watch a chess game, hoping to witness to the two guys who were playing. I intended to take care of some business with my laptop while I watched, but all I was able to do was turn up LaCrae, which one of them clearly enjoyed. Actually, Tom is a Christian. His buddy is not (yet). After his buddy left, I played chess with Tom and we also ministered to Dan, who was mentioned in the last post. When we were finished, I had thought to just pack up and go, but felt compelled to tackle the reasons I had come to Panera in the first place, especially considering that I would not have the next morning free (Tuesday morning, there is a Men's Breakfast held at Calvary Chapel St Pete...at 6:30 AM; I like it=)). This is why I was there at 11-something PM when Flavio drove up.

Flavio even said, "I know that everything happens for a reason." Praise the Lord he sees that much. Pray the Lord that he will put his trust in the Savior and not in some mythological concept. Thanks for your prayers!

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