Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that the Lord takes care of me even when I don't prepare for it. The bad news is that He has to do so because my new job isn't working out as well as I had wanted.

I bought a computer so that I could get around better and do my job better, but the nitty-gritty of the job isn't very enjoyable. I just am not comfortable calling people to sell them advertising on what is actually a pretty good website ( and getting the run-around or rejected without a word. I had two promising-looking appointments, but neither one came through. My mobility is limited, and I have a sudden lack of boldness to talk to people unexpectedly. Of course I do it for the Gospel--it's essential to eternal life! essential enough to my life that I'd better get better soon! So, pray for me.

What about that good news?

Oh, just that the Lord put it one somebody's heart to put in an application for Angel Food for me. I certainly didn't apply, because I had believed that my new job would cover my necessities. Well, maybe this person put in for me before I got the new job (it did take about a week or two for me to get one), but, in any case, I suddenly was notified yesterday that I had a whole box of food waiting for me at a dear friend's house. She went and got it before I left for the Prayer House in Seminole (prayer, worship, and Communion Tuesdays at 6:30; ask me about more info if you want to come), so I had a big praise report to deliver when I got there.

However, my rent will likely still be late, because the money isn't in the bank and, even if I make a sale this week, I don't get paid for it until next week, meaning that no additional money is available until I am five days into late fees, but it will get paid somehow (eventually). I am struggling with not panicking, because there really aren't many three-week employment options that will allow me to still pursue baseball tryouts April 19th-23rd in Ft. Lauderdale. And I still haven't gotten to practice yet, because the people I had hoped could help me can't right now. I am able to stay in shape because of my bicycle and walking, but my arm may even be weaker than I have already advertised. I really need to get something-somehow-soon.

So, pray for me, please, because God moves mountains with the prayers of His saints. Thanks, and may God bless you.

Oh, and while you're praying for me, please pray for the "pastors of the least" in Nairobi, Kenya, whom Paul Cowley's ministry serves. They don't even have these kinds of job options, so I have no idea what the anxieties are that they feel...everyday. And talk about spiritual warfare! (Just read the archives of Paul's newsletters.)

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